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A wide range of accessories are required to produce the best results from any polishing or lapping process.

Power Hand 2X System
Power Hand 2X
Sonomatic Ultrasonic Cleaning Baths
Ultrasonic Cleaning
Ultramax Ultramax Polishing Systems
Ultrasonic Polishing
Algasan Mops & Brushes
Algasan Bobs & Polishing Sticks
Algasan Cloth Polishing Products
Algasan Precision Helical Laps
Mops & Brushes
Bobs & Sticks
Helical Laps

To compliment and support our range of Diamond based abrasive and cleansing products, we offer a comprehensive range of quality accessories which include Power hand tools, Ultrasonic cleaners, Ultrasonic polishers, Mops and Brushes, Polishing Bobs and Sticks, Polishing Cloths and Mats and Helical Laps. The images above are active links to the respective accessory page.

For more information on all Algasan accessories please contact us through our "Contact us" page or telephone John Broad on +44 (0)1732-824829.

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