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Algalox Aluminium Oxide CompoundsIn certain finishing and polishing applications, the use of Diamond based products are sometimes not necessary.

To compliment our Diamond based products we manufacture Algalox, which is an Aluminium Oxide / Silicon carbide based abrasive pastes, which is ideal for polishing materials of low tensile strength.

Algalox Aluminium Oxide / Silicon Carbide pastes provide an extremely versatile polishing medium where surface finishing applications require a fast cutting action.

With their low iron content Algalox Aluminium Oxide / Silicon Carbide pastes eliminate the danger of rust staining and unwanted ferrous residue.

For extended life and removal of Algalox Aluminium Oxide / Silicon carbide abrasive, during after the finishing process, it is recommended that our Algalube and Algacleanse range of products are used.

To aid efficiency and uphold economy, Algalox pastes are available in 5g, 10g and 20g syringes. By producing Algalox in varying syringe sizes the end user can achieve both economical and contamination free usage.

For more information on Algalox pastes either contact us by e-mail via the "Contact us" page or telephone John Broad on +44 (0)1732-824829.

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