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Algacleanse and Algalube - Algasan's cleansing and lubricating products On completion of the polishing or lapping process, components will inevitably require cleaning. Many cleansing products either leave residue or cannot be removed using water cleaner.

Algasan International have available as standard two cleansing products.

Type S/C is a solvent based cleaner that is simply sprayed on then allowed to evaporate. This product leaves no residue, making it ideal for situations where water cleansers are not an option.

Type D/G is a spray on - wash off with water cleaner, making it a suitable cleanser for heavier contamination where water use is not a problem.

Algalube Lubricants

To achieve the best possible results when lapping and polishing it is important to assist the process by ensuring the diamond compound used remains lubricated and does not dry out to quickly.

Algasan International's Algalube range of lubricants, available in Type O, Type O Blue and Type W, are specifically formulated for use with the Algamant range of Diamond abrasive compounds. They not only greatly assist the polishing operation, they are designed to ensure that the compound does not dry out too quickly, thereby facilitating a cooler more even operation.
A further key feature of Algalube lubricants is that they extend the compounds life, therefore reducing usage and production costs.

Algalube and Algacleanse is available 400gram trigger sprays that allow easily directed spray right where its needed. Larger 2000gram and 25litre container are available.

Use area
Type S/C
Any non water type clean up leaves no residue
Type D/G
Heavier water washable clean ups
For use with
Type O Blue
Algamant GP and OB compounds
Type O Colourless
Algamant OB and EB slurries
Type W
Algamant WS and SP Slurries and Suspensions

For more information on our range of Algacleanse and Algalube products either contact us by e-mail via the "Contact us" page or telephone John Broad on +44 (0)1732-824829.

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