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Power Hand 2X precision finishing, deburring and polishing equipmentPOWER HAND 2X SYSTEM

Power Hand 2X is a 30 Volt DC micro-motor system that offers a broad range of handpieces and accessories, which achieves the precision required when finishing, deburring and polishing a wide range of applications.

The Power Hand 2X offers true running, vibration free operation with lightweight sturdy, cool and quiet running handpieces. The two controllers are both lightweight and portable, with two handpiece stations and slide and foot rheostat selector switches. They also feature lightweight comfortable grips and quick change collets.
The dual controller allows two operators to work simultaneously, while the standard controller can switch between two connected handpieces. Each controller has advanced electronic feedback circuitry which provide high torque whilst maintaining constant rpm.

Range Includes:

  • 2 Controllers
  • 3 Straight,
  • 2 Slimline and 2 Angle Rotary Handpieces
  • 2 Reciprocating profilers
  • 1 Belt Sander
  • 1 side-to-side profiler
  • 1Multi-directional profiling handpiece

Additional features:

  • Positive Motor overload cut-out switch to protect the handpiece motors
  • Thermal protection sensor to protect controller from overheating
  • Convenient carrying handle Output voltage 3-30V DC

For more information on POWER HAND 2X SYSTEM either contact us by e-mail via the "Contact us" page or telephone John Broad on +44 (0)1732-824829.

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