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High Quality Polishing Brushes and Mops The problems normally associated with low quality Brushes and Mops are that they tend not to hold the diamond compound for very long and they have a limited cutting action. Both these problems together will result in poor finishing and polishing results as well as higher production and wastage costs.

Algasan's range of brushes and mops are manufactured from the highest quality natural stiff bristle and wool materials, which means that they will hold
the diamond compound for longer, providing a superior cutting action as well as providing prolonged life. These features together enable our customers to reduce their consumable and wastage costs.

Our range provides a wide spectrum of sizes and grades, designed to suit most materials and applications.

It is recommenced, for best results, that our range of Brushes and Mops are used in conjunction with our Algamant Diamond Compounds

For more information on our Brush and Mop Products either contact us by e-mail via the "Contact us" page or telephone John Broad on +44 (0)1732-824829.

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