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Algasan Ceramic Lapping and Polishing Stones

Algasan Ceramic Lapping and Polishing StonesMany Ceramic Lapping and Polishing stone products have a reduced life span due to their lack of durability and premature dullness.

To overcome this problem Algasan International's Ceramic Stones are manufactured from high quality long ceramic fibres and even though being extremely thin and non-loading, when dressed to a very fine point they do not break or dull.
Even under the most demanding of working conditions our Ceramic stones through their construction provide additional strength, which increases their durabilty and lifespan. This transfers into the stones being economical as 100% of the stone is available for use.

Algasan's Ceramic stones are highly flexible and can create a high finish in applications and materials such as flat surfaces, curves, ribs and bosses on forming dies, tool steels, Stainless, Copper, aluminium, Silicon, and even Plastics. Due to their construction and raw materials used in manufacture, you can always be assured of high finishing efficiency, without clogging, even on aluminium and copper.

Being extremely thin and strong, Algasan's Ceramic stones can be used on narrow and deep slots were common conventional stones are prone to breakage. Further to this they can be used on coarse surfaces left after electro-discharge machining.

All grits are colour coded for convenience.

For more information on our range of Ceramic Lapping & Polishing Stones either contact us by e-mail via the "Contact us" page or telephone John Broad on +44 (0)1732-824829.

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